Best way to start a business or register a trademark at a significant savings?

Now you can handle simple legal issues on your own. For years the only way to form a corporation or register a trademark was through a lawyer. Recently as the internet  become a viable medium there were a multitude of online services that would allow you to incorporate or register a trademark. These newer options certainly have their place and allow you to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Recently their is a third option. You can do it yourself without a lawyer or a service. You can spend hours with google and YouTube to learn how to form a corporation or register a trademark.

NEWS FLASH is a new way to incorporate your business, form a limited liability company or register your trademark nearly free. offers step by step videos and ebooks prepared by a lawyer. The cost is less than $150.00. Their testimonials show that the videos are comprehensive and can be handled even without a High school degree. That’s pretty amazing so we test the program. We visited the site, purchased the program to incorporate in California and paid their fee of $149.00. Instantly we had access to the class to incorporate in California. We had a person who speaks Spanish and was in USA for less than two years take the course. He went through the entire course and within 2 hours had a California corporation submitted to the State for approval. What was interesting is he had no questions and was able to handle all the modules like getting his S Election approved or his bylaws drafted. People, especially entrepreneurs do not realize that their are many items to complete to be a valid corporation. Failing to prepare minutes for a corporation could make the entrepreneur responsible for the corporation actions if they do not prepare minutes for actions. If you are looking for the best value we recommend