Hosts: Brien Johnson, Lori H. Schwartz AKA Tech Cat Girl

Guest: Hilary Silver, Empowerment Coach & Relationship Expert

Topic: Balancing Business and Helping Your Community

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On this episode of the Ask Brien Radio Show, Host Brien Johnson and Co-Host Lori H. Schwartz “The Tech Cat Girl” welcome guest Hilary Silver to talk about the business world and how her social work background helped her in that transition to the private sector.

If you really believe in what you are doing you will invest in yourself to further grow your company, Silver said. In a very short time, I was able to grow my business from a local brick and mortar with no following to one that is online with a massive following.

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In order to be successful you must “show up”, Silver said. Showing up is how you present yourself, how you carry yourself, how are you thinking about yourself and how are you sharing yourself. For example how are you showing up in a relationship: how are you communicating? How are you asking or telling what you need from your partner, whether that be romantic, business or other.

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