Hosts: Brien Johnson, Co-Host Patti Handy of American Family Funding

Guest: Claudia Sheridan; Digital Media Specialist

Topic: Facebook Marketing

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On this episode of the Ask Brien Radio Show, Host Brien Johnson welcomes new co-host Patti Handy, a mortgage advisor for American family Funding, and special guest Claudia Sheridan, Facebook and Social Media marketing expert.

There are many different ways to market on a digital platform, however when you use the term social media and market across social media, what does that mean?

Social Media means all the popular platforms that individuals can connect with other individuals, Sheridan said. Social Media such as facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and others where people are engaging with one another is a great place to market.

What about the platforms that are popular? Do you have to have your business marketed on those?


Yes it is a good idea to be on platforms that are up and coming however you have to do your research and see if it is going to benefit your company’s time and money to be on those sorts of less known social media platforms, Sheridan said.

One thing you have to keep in mind that the internet and web and social media is ever-changing, Patti said. 10 years from now we are going to be on a something completely new that we have to adapt to.

One thing to think about when marketing is what value you can give to customers, Sheridan said. Think about what you gave give someone to entice them to exchange their information/email address with you. To have them keep coming back for more and more content, follow you on Facebook and across social media platforms and grow your numbers. This is what we call a lead magnet.

The fast way to build your brand is by being the company that gives the audience what they are looking for or want. if you can give the customer something they are looking for quick and easy, they will keep coming back to you and tell their friends and do some marketing for you.

Once you have your audience starting to build it is VITAL to be consistent with your posts or emails. To get a routine going and expectation that information, goods, or services will be delivered and build a trust as a company and brand.


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