Hosts: Brien Johnson

Guest: Meray Azar – Founder, CEO Epic Catch

Topic: Epic Catch

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On this episode of the Ask Brien Radio Show, Host Brien Johnson welcomes Meray Azar, Founder/CEO of Epic Catch.

Epic Catch is an app that connects you with like-minded individuals, so you can enjoy new experiences that makes you happy and want to live life.

What we do that separates us from other similar apps is that we manage the pre-experience, experience and post-experience, Azar said. You can pick the event, from the theatre to how-to classes and then we act as a conduit/concierge and match you up with others looking for the same event or similar events.


Once you are matched up with someone, you get the chance to text with that person through the app and get to know them before your event, Azar said. You meet up at the venue and in a safe location and since you have been texting with the person already their is a familiarity already.

About Epic Catch

Want to know all about Epic Catch? Epic Catch was inspired by Founder and CEO Meray Azar. Meray, like many of us at some point in our lives, just couldn’t find anyone to go with to enjoy all the delights her home city had to offer.

Epic Catch has shared experiences with someone new. If you’ve always wanted to enjoy an experience with someone, be it unique dining, an outdoor adventure, catching a show at the theatre, of just checking out the latest musical, but had no one to go with, we find you that someone. Epic Catch is a shared experience booking platform, finding you someone to go with to enjoy the things you’ve always wanted to

For more information about Epic Catch, click here.


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