Hosts: Ron Tunick, Brien Johnson and Lindsay McCoy

Guest: Lori H. Schwartz AKA “Tech Cat”

Topic: Making Connections and Technology

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On today’s episode Hosts Coach Ron Tunick and Brien Johnson open the show by discussing Brien’s travels, including a trip to 2017 Wolves Summit that took place in Warsaw, Poland.

“You can never have enough connections in life”, Brien said. “The more people you meet in life the better you will be in life succeeding.”

Think about this, if you were in the search of getting married and you only met 3 potential partners, the odds of you finding the right person for you are significantly less than if you met 20,30 or 100 people. And the same logic goes into business connections.


Having an idea is not enough for entrepreneurs. You have to go out and network and get that million dollar idea off the ground. It will not be overnight but meeting a few people a day or ever so often will only increase your presents and build your brand.

Technology has always been in the forefront of business and now it is taking off more than ever.

Ask Brien welcomes Lori H. Schwartz, the “Tech Cat”, to the show.

I noticed when the change was happening with the web and transfer to a more digital platform for most of all the mediums that I began to take a serious look at technology in hopes to understand it and get a grasp on it early, Lori said. From working as the ‘new stuff’ person at my job i became an expert in digital innovation.

With everything changing so fast, what keeps you up at night, Tunick asked.

Understanding what the opportunities are and being smart about them, and understanding how real a trend is rather than just being hype so I can advise my clients correctly, Lori said.

“In the end all content is marketing, and all marketing is content”, Lori said. “It is important that any business has some sort of digital presence.”


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