Hosts: Brien Johnson, Special Co-Host  Peter ‘Gold’ Ezugwu

Guest: Rudy Mawer

Topic: Building a Unique Niche

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Ask Brien Radio Show airs weekly on Thursday from 1 PM – 2 PM on KHTS AM 1220.

On this episode of the Ask Brien Radio Show, Host Brien Johnson and special co-host Peter Ezugwu discuss how and why it is important for you to build a unique niche with your business.

Ezuwu is an influencer, entrepreneur and leader. He helps you and your company find your purpose and exceed your personal best.

Brien and Peter welcome Rudy Mawer to the show. Mawer through marketing techniques has found success in the fitness, health and nutrition industry.

With so much success in the industry, why would you want to help others become successful in the same industry, Brien said.


A lot of people ask me that, but I am not a selfish man, Mawer said. In this industry there is not a shortage of customers and there is plenty for everyone.

A great perspective for people to hear, is that building your brand is not something that happens overnight, Ezugwu said.

There is an advantage from marketing now than it was 30 years ago with digital media and social media, Mawer said. You can reach thousands to millions for $100. There is quicker success but it does take a lot of work and not overnight.

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