Hosts: Ron Tunick, Brien Johnson and Lindsay McCoy

Guests: Bob Fitts

Topic: Start-Ups & Emotion in Business

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Ask Brien Radio Show airs weekly on Thursday from 2 PM – 3 PM on KHTS AM 1220.

On today’s program, the trio of hosts kick off the show by debating the true meaning of “The American Dream.” Brien believes the ultimate goal is to own property and real estate, which he sees as financially secure assets. The Coach, however, believes that the dream is not to own a house or property, but instead to simply be financially independent.

The conversation then shifts to a discussion of whether or not emotion should be involved in business.

According to Brien, there is inherent emotion in business, but there shouldn’t be. You’re able to make more sound judgements if you can seperate emotion from the decision making process. Successful businesses cannot make logical, rational decisions if they are too concerned and tied up in emotion.


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