Asking Questions

Yes, only members can ask questions so please join.

Yes, you need to be a member to claim a listing but anyone can view your business listing.

Yes, you can edit your question if you asked it but anyone who answered your original may not be responsive to that new question.

Answering Questions

Yes, only members can ask questions so please join.

Yes, you can edit your answer you provided at any time.


Yes, you need to be a member to claim a listing but anyone can view your business listing.

No. You can get a listing without completely filling out your business directory profile page but to get the experience all the benefits you should complete your business listing.

You look more professional when your entire directory listing is included. If someone wants to reach you by phone and you have no phone number listed you may have lost the call. If you don’t have a website listed, then someone searching for you online or whom wants more information may not be able to do business with you. To maximize your business exposure, you should make certain all the information in the directory is completed and it should be accurate.

There are a number of ways. Someone can search for you with keywords. Someone can look in a category for people in a specific section such as restaurants. Someone can look for 5 star reviews in a chosen category.

You can always change your listing. Consistency counts in business. If your changes or anything else within your listing changes you should immediately edit your listing so that it maintains its accuracy. If you go to 10th Main Street and the business is not there then the customer will be disappointed.



Yes, you can change our profile at any time.

After you login in you can go to your profile. At your profile there is a little camera on your profile, click the camera and you can upload your picture.

On your profile page you will see an item marked subscriptions, then you will be able to see all categories and you can choose which category of questions you want to receive notifications.

Point System

For every question asked or answered you receive (5) points.

For every 500 points earned you will receive a badge.



If you forget your password, you can click the forgot your password link and use the email on file to reset your password or you can notify Ask Brien. We can generate a new password and email it to you.

You need to first login. Once logged in please go to your profile page. On your profile click your name and you will get a drop down menu. Click edit account. You can change your password here.


Ask Brien provides users with the ability to ask and answer questions, maintain a listing in a business directory and profile page to interact with other members. By participating in a community of other business owners you can learn best practices, find the answer to a tough problem and know others experiencing the same business issues.


You must apply by sending us an email. A contributor is someone who has either experience, education or other success at answering business questions.