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Your yard is an extension of your home and as such, is an extension of you. Landscaping design is an art, where multiple elements must come together to create a unified whole. Once the project is complete, a Tacoma landscaper must maintain those elements so the entirety of the design remains coherent. Federal Way Landsacape Co Landscaping and Design is a full service Landscaping Company Tacoma offering everything from design services to lawn mowing, and everything in between. Your qualified GPAK Tacoma landscaper will transform your ideas into a reality, while making your landscape the envy of your neighbors. For a full list of our landscaping services in Tacoma, please see the above menu. If you have questions, or want to bring the spark of a landscaping idea to life, give us a call at (206) 854-2775 Contact Information: Website: Address: 1609 114th St S, Tacoma, WA 98444 Work Hours: Mon - Sat : 8AM - 5.30PM & Sun: Closed

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