Hosts: Ron Tunick, Brien Johnson and Lindsay McCoy

Guests: Jennifer Gerard of Gerard Cosmetics and Jay Berkowitz

Topic: Social Media Presence, Conversion Strategies & More 

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On today’s program, Hosts Coach Ron Tunick and Brien Johnson welcome businesswoman Jennifer Gerard of Gerard Cosmetics to discuss her path to success and to give advice to those looking to get their products off the ground.

Gerard created Gerard Cosmetics, a line created for women by women who empower each other and strive to offer products that are luxurious, accessible and endlessly chic.

I was working just a horrible job and I was fed up, Gerard said. I just wanted to make my own decisions and be my own boss and that is what I did.

“Calling your own shots is truly what the American dream is all about,” Tunick said.

Gerard began her entrepreneurship with the creation of Whitening Lightening, a teeth whitening company.

“We started by going to people’s houses and offices to whitening their teeth,” Gerard said.

Whitening Lightening’s famous Dial A Smile Kit quickly became a cult favorite is recognized all around the world as the best way to whiten in 20 minutes. Their teeth whitening pens are perfect for touch-ups and our Super-Booster pen is a flag-ship product that brightens on the go.


After the success of Whitening Lightning, Gerard began to offer her signature lighted lip glosses and Brow Bar to Go that have generated endless buzz on social media and beyond.


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