Hosts: Brien Johnson, Co-Host Patti Handy of American Family Funding

Guest: Adam Ginsberg

Topic: Making Side Money W/ Amazon

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On this episode of the Ask Brien Radio Show, hosts Brien Johnson and co-host Patti Handy welcome guest Adam Ginsberg to the show. Adam gives some great information on product sourcing or how you can make extra money every month by shopping in stores then selling on Amazon.

Internet marketing is a great field and something that is growing and growing everyday, Patti said.

Shopping is done all online now or the majority of it rather, Adam said. About 76 percent of online shopping is done on Amazon.

“Making money online is not that difficult,” Adam said. “As long as you following simple strategies.”


A few things to know when starting out and selling onlineis:

  1. Find the product
  2. Make Sure Its On Amazon
  3. Check Velocity (how fast it sells)
  4. Check Profitability (net profit)

By doing that you can attached yourself to a market that exist and also has a built in customer base as Amazon has one of the largest in the world. You do not have to get your product from a wholesale or trade show but rather from the department store, Target or Walmart on clearance and then sell it online.


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