Hosts: Brien Johnson

Guest: Harrison Schaen;

Topic: Web Development

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On this episode of The Ask Brien Radio Show, host Brien Johnson welcomes Harrison Schaen. Using his more than 20 years of experience Harrison has encountered it all in the world of web development.

At 12 years old I was starting to write code and get clients of my parents friends and family, Schaen said. I’ve been picking things up at an early age and been on the forefront of the new trends.

At Issue Fixers, we sit down with you and build your website the way you want it, Schaen. But it doesn’t stop there as a lot of other companies do. We then market your business and look into analytics and help you reach the next level with your business.


There are a lot that goes into web development and figuring out what goes where, Brien said. How do you know what is the best fit?

We use wire frames and apps that help us create hotspots and create a blueprint that will serve the audience and help them with the best UX, User experience and this will in turn get your business and traffic numbers up, Schaen said.

About Issue Fixers

At Issue Fixers we are here to help you build and launch something new, grow your audience and customers, and optimize and scale your business to reach new heights. We are passionate about technology, so we immerse ourselves in the latest trends and best practices that allow us to identify potential issues early, give you our recommendations, and execute quickly and efficiently.


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